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The Positive Way website helps couples, married or unmarried, single people looking for a relationship, and people wanting to improve their self-esteem and create more happiness in their lives.  We offer advice on relationships, love, romance, passion, marriage, divorce, stepfamilies, self-esteem development, communication, forgiveness, work, money problems and more.  We've been helping people achieve personal growth in a positive way for over 18 years. Please use the many free resources here:

Relationship quizzes to help you understand yourself and your relationships. Try a relationship quiz. Great resources to help you build the positive relationships that you deserve.  Solve and prevent problems with your partner. Learn how to identify, find and connect with singles.  Enjoy love, romance and friendship.  Improve the relationships you already have or fix those that might be broken.

Relationship Quizzes
Understand yourself, others and your relationships.

information that will allow you to build great relationships.

How to find and creat3 a loving relationship.

Body language says much more than words.  Learn how to understand what you and others are really saying with your body language. Good communication skills and techniques are very important in every aspect of life.  Learn how to communicate well under any circumstance and at any time. Learn what really matters for self development and self improvement.  Reinvent your life in a positive way.

Body Language
Up to 93% of communication is non verbal

Secrets to great communication

Self Development
Improve your life and relationships

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