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Relationship Information

We all struggle at times when it comes to relationships. If we have a partner already we may wonder how to keep the relationship fresh and alive.  Or we may come across issues that are causing tension and trouble in the relationship and we are not sure how to get beyond the problems that are showing up within the relationship itself.  We may not be sure how to approach or talk to our partner without causing more tension and trouble in the relationship.  Maybe there are some things that happened between us and our partner that we are having a hard time forgiving. 

Are your a good listener?  Is your partner a good listener?  Do you fight fair?  Does your partner fight fair?

Listed below are links to the articles that will give you answers and guidance to many of these concerns and questions and much more. Order Talk to Me nowWe now offer it as an E-Book!  Get it today!

If you have questions about a particular issue or subject click on the word or area of interest below and learn some straight forward advice and guidance for better understanding and knowledge that will allow you to go forward in a positive way.  
Relationship Quizzes Anger and Resentment – How do I forgive and move forward
Love and understanding Love
Troubled relationship - the warning signs
Five Myths that will kill any love relationship
Problem Solving 3 step guide

Communication - How well do you communicate?

Is money one of your relationship problems?
Conflict - what do you do
Listening Skills - What are yours?  What are your partners?
Hidden Issues and Expectations
Fighting Fair - Do you fight fair?  Does your partner?
Unexpressed Feelings and Emotions
Depression - it can affect the relationship
Feelings – How to own and express them
How to Love Your Mate Body language

Words do count - so choose carefully!
Intimacy - how to have it.
Sex and Love

Men Need to Know This about Women

Compatibility Guide


Stepfamily – tips and advice
Family Meetings

Unfaithful, Affair, Cheating Spouse

Change and Grow

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