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Need More Cash Now

Making More Money

Money may not grow on trees but there are many things you can do to make it grow for you.

Need extra cash?  How can I make more money?  Iím working hard but I need more for myself and the family.  There may be no miracle answer but some hard work and ingenuity can take you where you want to go if you are willing to take some risks.  

Being an entrepreneur is the capitalist dream and it is an opportunity available to all of us in free societies.  We have the opportunity to try and fail and succeed on our own without the state controlling our destinies.  It is a wonderful thing.

This collection of information will give you ideas on what to consider, how to evaluate opportunities, how to try your ideas without taking too much risk and what to be wary of when looking at money making or get rich quick deals.

Here are thirteen ways to make more money.

  1. Leverage the skills and interests that you already have.  If you already have a trade skill, technical skill or business skill look for ways to expand the income potential.  Hundreds of thousands of people do this every year by >>More

  2. Learn a new skill that you can apply when you are not working your regular job.  Find something that is interesting to you and find courses to get you started.

  3. Consider if your hobbies might be leveraged into a business.  If you collect particular items see if there is a business in buying and reselling.  EBay is a great marketplace for the individual entrepreneur.  What do I do after I sell my inventory?

  4. Do you want to make money in real estate without wasting your time and cash on some hyped up package seminar?  Do you ever think about being the next Donald Trump.  >>More

  5. Do you enjoy writing?  Modern publishing methods and the internet make it possible for you to write, publish and sell books and information without having to invest thousands in printing books.  You could start today for far less than $200 and be making income in less than a week.  People are making REAL money while they sleep >>More

  6. Get your GED if you donít have a high school diploma.  Just a high-school diploma will add about $200,000 to your lifetime earnings.  More education can add even greater earnings.  You OWE it to yourself. Finish High School at Home....

  7. What have you accumulated that you could sell?  Can I just buy stuff and resell it through my own Yahoo or eBay storefront.  Yes.

  8. The medical field is begging for employees at almost every level of training.  Many companies will even provide the training for free just to have you work for them.  I know nurses that work one day a week and make really great money.

  9. Get a part-time job.  If you want to look at a new career path or job a quick way to learn about it is to take a part-time job in the business.  You can learn a lot about the construction trades just being a laborer on the job.  You can start a career in a technical field by starting at the bottom and working up.  See what you can do.

  10. Rent out that spare room in your house to a college student or a young person just starting their career.

  11. Franchise deals.  They all look great on paper and some really work well in some locations butÖ.  >>More

  12. Make money on the internet.  There are some things you really need to know when you start an internet business.  You can build a website and open a store very quickly for little to no money.  Be careful of >>More

  13. Deliver papers.  That's right, deliver newspapers sometime between 4 and 7AM when everyone else is sleeping.  One Virginia newspaper says profit from an average route of 300 papers is approximately $840 every 4 weeks, and over $10,900 per year.

Get more cash now

These are just a few ways to make more money.  Take a look around you and see what's working for others and maybe you can do the same thing.  Or, even better, find something that others aren't doing and try that.  You may just be on to something good.  Use good judgment and manage your risks carefully and even if you fail once or twice you can keep trying until you succeed.

Small business owners create over half the U.S. gross domestic product, sign the front of the paychecks of approximately 70 million Americans, and create over 55% of the innovations. America's small business owners will create most of the jobs in this decade and those to come.  Often, those jobs are being created one job at a time, like when they hired themselves as the founder of their own small business.

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