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The difference between good organizations and great organizations is
how effectively they solve their problems.

There is a solution to every problem.

Creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of business success.

We use the Creative Business Problem Solving framework and related systems which have been proven to be highly efficient and very effective. You get to a better solution with less pain, time, and resources consumed than conventional trial and error. Understand the problem, gather and process information, and find, evaluate, and implement better solutions.

Create better solutions.  It doesn't matter how messy, technical, or complex your problems are.  These methods can help you solve them and prevent them from happening again.

Key Benefits

bulletIncrease profitability
bulletEnhanced employee satisfaction
bulletBetter organizational climate
bulletHigher quality
bulletImproved safety
bulletStronger competitive position
bulletReduced frustration
bulletMore efficient use of time
bulletBetter solutions
bulletNew products
bulletBetter strategies

You bring the problem and we'll bring the method. Using effective problem-solving methods, we'll help solve your problems and we can train your people to do the same.

Effective problem-solving requires a clear understanding of the past (the circumstances that led up to the present) and of the present (what's not satisfactory right now). Problems are the first stage in the past and present. Opportunities to lead and influence change lie further in the future that is less well understood.

Problem solving is the easiest of creative tasks and yet it’s difficult enough just finding out what happened in the past and what’s going on today. The further out you go in time, the less you know. The solution to this problem is to use systematic data gathering and idea generation methods to sort out the clutter and explore the unknown. Brainstorming is one of the best known and most poorly used techniques. The opportunity lies in the proper use of creative problem solving methods with trained instructors and facilitators.

Problem prevention requires examining the future and the past in such a way as to anticipate what might happen and take action today to prevent the unacceptable from occurring. It takes forward thought that most people are not accustomed to doing. People are more successful with training.


The Business Solutions principles have been highly trained in using and delivering Creative Problem Solving and other creative methods.  Steven Martin is the 136th  M.S. Graduate in Creative Studies from The International Center for Studies in Creativity at State University College at Buffalo.

See our case studies for examples of problems that we have effectively and efficiently solved including new product development and profit improvement.

Instructional articles on Creativity.

Learn Advanced Product Development techniques from an expert in creativity:

Steven C. Martin is one of fewer than 300 people in the world to have a Master of Science degree in Creativity.  He is a patented inventor and creativity expert who has taught widely in a broad range of settings.

We teach creativity and innovation in courses ranging from hours to one week.  These high-impact hands-on creativity sessions are guaranteed to teach you how to be more creative and innovative. 


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