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Profit Equation

Product = Revenue = Profit?

Profit is a function of expense, loss, and revenue. 

New product development is vital to your success.   How well you design your products has a big impact on your profitability. Not only does your revenue result from the sale of product but also the expenses and losses associated with the products have a significant impact on the bottom line. To maximize profit consider the following:

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Minimize product risk (e.g. warrantee loss)

Minimize development cost

Maximize customer value

Maximize margin with minimized cost of production/delivery

Maximize the creative output of your marketing and design teams - clean windows

Your cannot cut your way to long term success.

The Profit Improvement Process takes all of these elements and those of cost reduction into consideration to create a  dynamic that energizes people to maximize profitability.  The Profit Improvement Process is as much about building as it is cutting.

Achieving World-Class Profit Improvement

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Cost Reduction & Profit Improvement
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